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You only climb for a short time? You have never climbed multipitch routes ? You don't know anything about outdoor climbing ? Don't worry, many recent routes, well bolted will allow you to get used to the unique exposure of the place and will give your climbing a new dimension.
Free Tibet, ambiance et qualiré de rocher pour un tout petit 5c
l'Arête du Belvédère, une classique facile, ombragée en été
Hissage Nocturne, à éviter si on est allergique aux traversées
Improving your climbing skills


Climbing in the Verdon is famous for being highly demanding ; vertical crimps and friction problems are more usual here than mega-jugs and overhang climbing... Furthermore the length of the routes make for memorable lactic figths.

A few days climbing here will significantly increase your footwork and strenghten your mind and body for the year to come.

Acquiring the technical fondaments of multipitch climbing

Shifting from indoor or short cliff climbing to real rock and multipitch route is possible for anybody but it just cannot  be improvized !

As we climb together you will learn gradually to organize a belay, to make a succession of rappels and, if you want it, to lead in a well bolted route.

My goal is allways to get moving toward autonomy.

Discovering a magic place


Regardless the route you will choose, and even if it is an easy one, you will allways climb here in an outstanding site.

If the Verdon is famous in the climbing world since fifty years, there are obvious reasons for it.


Despite the doubtful reputation of the Gorges du Verdon in many climber's memory (endless rappels, intimading cliffs, rusty pegs, hanging belays and runnout face-climbing...) many affordable routes will allow you to make your first steps in long routes in complete security, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.                               



You will find                                   informations about many affordable routes and some pictures who will, I hope, motivate you to discover these places. 
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